Lesson 3 - 5 Parts to a Chrome Extension (Part 1)

Let's have a high-level talk about Chrome Extensions.

There are 5 parts to a Chrome extension

  1. the manifest file
  2. the background script
  3. the foreground script
  4. the popup page
  5. the options page

The manifest establishes the name, version, and description of our Chrome Extension as well as the background script, popup, and options pages.

The background script is a JavaScript script that runs once our extension either gets installed or the user refreshes the extension manually.

The foreground script is injected into the users web pages. It acts like any other JavaScript script you would write when doing normal Web Development. It can control what happens on the pages the user is viewing.

The popup page is what shows up when the user clicks on our extension icon in the top right; it's an html page with a script attached if you want.

The options page is what the user sees when they navigate to their extensions tab and click for the options; it's also an html page with a script attached if you want.